Bluehost Coupon 2015

Bluehost Coupon 2015 – The top coupon codes for bluehost webhosting of the year 2015.

For businesses websites that have a large number of visitors, a common server would not suffice. You will need a server dedicated to your business that would not be used by any other individual or business. Bluehost offers this service in the dedicated webhosting category at an affordable rate and excellent quality of service they are known for. A dedicated web host means that you have your very own server to serve your website, and this translates to better speeds and stability.


Bluehost Coupon


The Bluehost dedicated webhosting service is available in three categories: standard, enhanced and premium, with increasing level of capabilities. They recognize that different companies have different demands and this is why the options were made available. Each category has its features:

  1. Standard: You get 4GB of RAM so you are able to perform tasking services such as streaming videos and 5TB bandwith so more visitors can visit at any single time without delays. Additionally, you can create up to 3 dedicated IP addresses which would raise your profile in the search engines and make you more visible.
  2. Enhanced: This package has all that the standard one offers and then more: you get 8GB of RAM available and a 4*25 Ghz processor which is the same as the standard’s. Double the bandwith is now available (10TB) to handle much heavier tasks and with 4 dedicated IPs, you can have several more independent websites. This option is the most popular option because it can cover any other category.
  3. Premium: A very wide number of visitors demand that you have the best server, and Bluehost dedicated webhosting has included the premium category to meet the needs of such client.


Do you still have questions, let’s see some of the qualities that make Bluehost such a great company:

  1. Dedicated support: Available 24/7, you will always have someone to help you solve any issues or guide you through a problem. Despite your knowledge about something, things may go wrong and you may need help from your web host; Bluehost is available any time and you can speak to a representative in most languages so wherever you’re situated, you’re covered.
  2. Improved cPanel: Bluehost was a pioneer in creating a new cPanel that was different from the common one. This improved cPanel offers added features and functionality, making it more flexible than the traditional panel. Users may sometimes have difficulty adjusting to the new system but once understood, you realize all its potential. Some of these advantages include root access for advanced users where they can directly control the server.
  3. Excellent transmission speed: Bluehost dedicated webhosting provides you with state of the art servers made using latest technology to stay ahead of the competitors. An in-house monitoring system also means that servers are easy to monitor and repair so you will never experience total blackouts.
  4. Awesome security features: Security is a major concern for any website, especially e-commerce websites that allow visitors to shop. Bluehost dedicated webhosting features spam protection, sitelock, SSL certificates and domain privacy, all of which reduce unauthorized access to your content or your visitors’ information.
  5. Easy management: Making changes is now easier as a result of the new and improved cPanel that allows you to manage multiple servers in one place and access control whereby you can set passwords to prevent access.


Bluehost is known for offering excellent services and this feature also indicates their very high standards. This makes Bluehost dedicated webhosting very reliable compared to other companies that offer the same service. For me, reputation has always been a major factor when choosing between two or more options and in this case, Bluehost stands above its competitors by coupling excellent service with affordable prices, a major feat.